What were all about.


Save Money!

Being billed directly through PG&E.

We take no payment information what so ever.

You will only receive one bill and that is through PG&E

PG&E will still remain your utility and transport gas directly to your house.

If there are any problems with your gas or gas lines PG&E will still come out and fix them just as they did before you signed up with us and at no additional charge.

How does it work?


Blue Spruce Energy is an American  gas company dedicated to serving its customers with discounted gas rates through PG&E's Customer Choice program.

​Info on PG&E's customer choice program can be found by clicking          We are a certified gas vendor on PG&E's website. 

Blue Spruce Energy is a third party natural gas company that already sells gas to PG&E at a whole sale price. Now because california deregulated Natural Gas we are allowed to sell to you directly through PG&Es customer choice program where we are a registered natural gas supplier. What this means to you is you get a discounted rate on your gas bill because we are a member of PG&Es  Choice Program. PG&Es Choice program allows you to tell PG&E to buy gas from us rather than from some distant more expensive source. This is how we are able to save you money and how our company generates revenue. Essentially we actually make money by saving you money because now you can buy gas from us directly rather than paying  a marked up price from PG&E.

Here at BlueSpruce Gas we are committed to providing you with the natural gas you need at a price you can afford. Our prices are very competitive often cheaper then than major utility providers such as PG&E. In fact, we are so competetive we are willing to guarantee that our prices will be at least 10% cheaper than PG&E's for the first 2 months. All we ask is that you try us out we know you will like us and we charge absolutely no cancellation fee or enrollment fees so the worst that could happen is you could save money on your gas bill.